Regular membership in the Justinian Law Society is open to all lawyers in good standing who are either of Italian descent, married to someone of Italian decent, or who shares a keen interest in Italian history, culture, and/or FOOD! Social membership, which does not carry the right to vote, is open to all other professionals involved in the court system as well as law enforcement personnel.

Unlike many other law societies or bar associations the Justinians pride themselves for providing a welcoming atmosphere for lawyers, judges, clerks, law students, and all other professionals to meet, network, learn from, and support each other all in the pursuit of a better working, more effective, collegial system of justice. Just because we are engaged in a profession based upon the adversarial system does not mean that we must treat the person on the other side adversarially. Justinians believe that acting professionally and treating opponents as professionals actually produces a fairer result for clients and certainly a healthier atmosphere in which to practice law.

So if this is an approach that you can relate to, are interested in supporting, and you want to meet and network with others of like mind we invite you to click on the link below and to submit an application for review.

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