An active member does more than just pay his or her dues. Active members are invested in and contribute to the ongoing success of the Justinians. That contribution can come in many forms. First and foremost is to live a life and to conduct oneself in the practice of law in a way that honors the best of our Italian heritage… with honor and integrity. Next is to volunteer to serve on committees or to organize and run events with the support of the leadership team and others. Most important is to attend Society sponsored events, to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow members, and to network and meet new colleagues. And finally, for those who are fortunate enough to have the means to do so; to support the Society with voluntary contributions to its scholarship fund.

If you are not a member and would like to join us we invite you to submit an application TODAY!

List of Active and Former Members

James R. DeGiacomo
Mark DeJoie
Robert A. DeLeo
Mark W. Dell'Orfano
Paul A. Delory
Margaret DeMarco
James P. DeMaria
Donald DeMayo
Albert DeNapoli
Paul M. DePalo
Vincent N. DePalo
John DePaulo
Derek DePetrillo
Christine L. DeRosa
Christine DeRosa
Pasquale DeSantis
Ernest P. DeSimone
Deanna Deveney
Corinne Diana
Antonio M. DiBenedetto
Lawrence DiCara
Noel M. DiCarlo
David B. DiCenso
Kara DiFruscia
Kara DiFruscia Viola
Hon. Peter C. DiGangi
Katherine M. DiGangi
Peter C. DiGangi
Theresa DiJoseph
Robert DiLibero
Elizabeth A. Diloreto
Francis A. DiLuna
Roberto L. DiMarco
Ann R. DiMaria
Theodore DiMauro
Francis J. DiMento
Ernest S. DiNisco
Gregory DiPaolo
John G. DiPiano
Anthony DiPietro
John M. DiSanto
Amy Doherty
Alba Doto
Matthew T. Duffy
John Dussi
Lisa Evangelista
Kayla L. Fahey
Robert A. Fairbairn IV
Jerome E. Falbo
Francine M. Falbo-Carroll
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